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Date: 28th February 2018
ESD Flooring
ESD Flooring has permanent anti-static function for it uses conductive static network formed at the interface of plastic particles. Its appearance looks like the pattern of marble,Website:http://www.lydoo-spcflooring.com, thus it has a good decoration effect and it can be widely used for program machine room, computer room, control room of electric power, clean and purification workshop of telecommunication. Electronics, microelectronics, medical and other industries where it is necessary to prevent from static. Technical parameters: Size (mm): 600*600*2mm/3mm Technical indexes: (Refer to the following table) Anti Corrosion HCL (OK) NaOH aqueous solution (OK) Alcohol (OK) Gasoline (OK) Acetone (OK) Ordinal detergent (OK) Item System resistance Decay time Rate of size change at heating Starting voltage Amount of wear Combustion property Standard DIN51953 SJ/T10694-2006 SJ/T 11236-2001 SJ/T10694-2006 SJ/T11236-2001 SJ/T11236-2001 Index 104-106 105-108 1000V?100V ?2S ?0.20% ?100V ?0.02G/cm3 ?10s FV-O Brief Introduction of construction The requirement of foundation 1. The ground should be waterstone ground, ceramic tile ground, wooden ground of cement ground. 2. The ground should be smooth and flat. Its unflatness should be less than 0.2%. 3. The ground should have enough strength and no surface dusting and separation phenomenon. 4. The ground should be dry. It needs 30 days for the new ground to became dry. Procedure of construction Clean the ground ? spread the grounding conductive net ? lead out the grounding line ? coat strong adhesive ? coat conductive adhesive ? lay floor ? welding floor ? cleaning ? inspecting the properties. Maintenance of floor 1. It is not permitted that the sharp and rough heavy matters scribe and drag on the surface of floor and that personnel who wear shoes with nails walk on the floor. The floor should be kept clean and dry. 2. It is not permitted that the chairs which have black rubber cushion put on the floor in order to avoid black sulfide polluting its surface. 3. If there is oil or dirty things on its surface, it may be cleaned with detergent. If there is scribed sign, it can be recovered by fine abrasive paper. 4. If there is heavy oil and dirty caused by installation, our factory has special washer to clean them. 5. Our factory also has anti-static wax that can be used to maintain the floor. In general, it should be coated one time within six months. If the personnel walk on the floor frequently, it should be coated wax every three months.
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